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Getting Started

The @blocksuite/editor package contains the editor built into AFFiNE. Its nightly versions are released daily based on the master branch, and they are always tested on CI. This means that the nightly versions can already be used in real-world projects like AFFiNE at any time:

pnpm i @blocksuite/editor@nightly

If you want to easily reuse most of the rich-text editing features, you can use the SimpleAffineEditor web component directly (code example here):

import { SimpleAffineEditor } from '@blocksuite/editor';
import '@blocksuite/editor/themes/affine.css';

const editor = new SimpleAffineEditor();

Or equivalently, you can also use the declarative style:

  <script type="module">
    import '@blocksuite/editor';
    import '@blocksuite/editor/themes/affine.css';

However, the SimpleAffineEditor here is just a thin wrapper with dozens of lines that doesn't enable the opt-in collaboration and data persistence features. If you are going to support more complicated real-world use cases (e.g., with customized block models and configured data sources), this will involve the use of these three following core packages:

pnpm i \
  @blocksuite/store@nightly \
  @blocksuite/blocks@nightly \

In the following chapters, we will continue to demonstrate their usage and the core concepts involved.